Carmona | Ruta Vía de la Plata | La Ruta En Bici



One of the attractions of Carmona is the possibility of a taking a tour of the outskirts of the town along the bike lane, which is 3 km long.

You can also enjoy visiting the old quarter and follow the Via Augusta route (Cardo Maximus) joining the Roman gates of Seville and Cordoba. Along the way, you will discover spots like Plaza de San Fernando, the City Hall, the Priory Church of St Mary… and many more!

You can also head into the alleyways of the Moorish quarter of San Felipe, reaching the state-run Parador luxury hotel, offering magnificent views of the surrounding low-lying fertile meadowlands and rivers. Another option is to cycle through the maze of streets of the Jewish quarter and visit the Church of San Blas.