Pasaporte | Ruta Vía de la Plata | La Ruta En Bici


The route passport is a freely available personal document for accreditation purposes which certifies that the holder is touring the Via de la Plata Route and enables discounts to be obtained from affiliated businesses.

A hard copy of the passport can be obtained at the tourist offices of those municipalities who are members of our association, or via the website.


Getting your passport stamped allows you to win guaranteed prizes and take part in draws. 


Our APP includes the digital version of the passport, which works just like the hard copy of the passport. To use it, you must previously register on the APP and log in with your login details. 

In this case, it is essential to use your real name and surname/s when registering, as the affiliated businesses may check your identity via an accrediting document (ID card, passport, driving licence, etc.) to provide you with any established discount and/or promotion.


A hard copy of the passport can be stamped at town halls, local tourist offices and affiliated businesses. The digital passport can only be stamped at the checkpoints included in the APP (town halls and local tourist offices).

The “Passport” section in the APP includes the complete list of checkpoints and their physical location on the map. On accessing the checkpoints, you can check how far away from them you are. If you are less than 100 metres away, you can obtain the digital stamp and your passing through this location will be registered. In this easy way, you will have got a stamp.



 To take advantage of discounts in affiliated businesses, you must show the “My passport” screen on your phone or tablet, which includes your digital passport, name and ID or passport number. Your user details must therefore match those on your ID card or passport.


This simple gesture will entitle you to the discount or promotion offered by the company, just like with the hard copy of the passport.